My Savior Has Gone To Prepare Me A Place

My Savior has gone to prepare me a place,
A home where the saints never die;
I’ll reach it some day by abundance of grace,
My home up in heaven beyond the blue sky.

I am going over there, [yes, I’ll be there,]
To a mansion bright and fair; [bright and fair]
With my Savior I’ll be there, [yes, I’ll be there]
And His glory I will share. [I will share.]

In John the fourteenth I read with delight,
How Jesus has gone to prepare;
Bright mansions in heav’n, where cometh no night,
O won’t it be glory forever up there. [Chorus]

He said not to fear, but believe on Him, too,
He’s the truth and the life and the way;
And if I’d be faithful He’d bring me safe thro’,
And give me a crown at the great judgment day. [Chorus]

Those mansions above, I’ll see them some day,
If found in the soul-saving grace;
I’m looking for one at the end of the way,
When I’ll see the Builder and talk face to face. [Chorus]