My Savior Is With Me And Walks Close Bes

My Saviour is with me, and walks close beside me;
I follow him gladly wherever he leads;
He cleanses so fully and keeps me so sweetly,
According to promise supplieth my need.

O glory to Jesus he blesses and saves me,
He satisfies now and will still be my Guide;
Tho’ troubles o’ertake me and dangers befall me,
His grace will uphold me whatever betide.

He’s with me in mercy, he’s with me in spirit,
There’s nothing can harm me when he is so near;
He never will leave me; he’s with me this moment,
My light in all darkness, my trust in all fear. [Refrain]

I’m sav’d, and rejoice in this glorious salvation;
I’m wondrously kept, and my pathway is bright;
I live in the hope of the great resurrection
When I shall behold him in garments of light. [Refrain]