My Savior Is With Me Wherever I Go Blenk

My Saviour is with me, wherever I go,
In darkness and danger the way He doth show;
When storms rage around me, and sorrows increase,
He stilleth the tempest and giveth me peace.

I’ll trust in my Saviour, whatever betide,
I know all my footsteps He safely will guide;
I know He will guard me with tenderest love,
Until I shall enter His glory above.

His life-giving words faith and courage renew,
They fall on my spirit refreshing as dew;
On heavenly manna my soul He doth feed,
In paths of His choosing my steps He doth lead. [Refrain]

My Saviour is with me the tho’t, O how sweet!
How blessed the lessons I learn at His feet;
How precious the wisdom His love doth impart,
With joy and devotion it filleth my heart. [Refrain]