My Savior Keeps Me Company

My Saviour keeps me company
Along the narrow way,
And I am trusting in his grace
To keep me day by day,
The path may be a rugged one,
Yet cheerfully I’ll sing;
For there’s such love, and joy, and rest,
Beneath his shelt’ring wing.

My Saviour keeps me company,
So I am ne’er alone,
Tho’ earthly friends may turn away,
And leave me, one by one;
Those too I’ve loved and trusted most,
And thought were truest friends;
But his is an unchanging love,
Mine till the journey ends.

My Saviour keeps me company,
Yes, Jesus, thou art mine;
What confidence I now look up,
Assured too I am thine.
Redeemed from sin and Satan’s power,
Bought with thy precious blood,
Earth has no claims upon me now,
For I belong to God.

My Saviour keeps me company,
Friendless, and poor, and lone,
Yet he bestows rich love one me,
And claims me for his own.
Then let the world despise me now,
He loves me just the same
For Jesus keeps me company,
And Jesus knows my name.