My Savior Mid Lifes Varied Scene

My Savior, ‘mid life’s varied scene,
Be Thou my Stay;
Guide me through each perplexing path,
To perfect day.
In weakness and in sin I stand;
Still faith can clasp Thy mighty hand,
And follow at Thy dear command.

My Savior, I have naught to bring
Worthy of Thee;
A broken heart Thou will not spurn
Accept of me;
I need Thy righteousness divine,
I plead Thy promises as mine,
I perish if I am not Thine.

My Savior, wilt Thou turn away
From such a cry?
My Refuge, wilt Thou me forget
And must I die?
Faith trembles; but her glance of light
Has pierced through regions dark as night
And entered into realms of light.

My Savior, ‘mid Heaven’s glorious throng
I see Thee there,
Pleading with all Thy matchless love
And tender care;
Not for the angel forms around,
But for lost souls in fetters bound,
That they may hear salvation’s sound.

My Savior, thus I find my rest,
Alone with Thee;
Beneath Thy wing I have no fear
Of what may be.
Strengthened with Thy all-glorious might,
I shall be conqueror in the fight,
Then give to Thee my crown of light.