My Savior Reaches From The Throne

My Savior reaches from the throne,
His bleeding hand to me,
And asks that I should pledge my own
In loving loyalty.

God helping me, here will I stand,
Close by my Savior’s side;
I pledge my heart, I pledge my hand,
To Christ, the Crucified.

O may His holy will be done,
In me, and by me, still;
And while my moments swiftly run,
May they His plans fulfill. [Refrain]

I lay myself at Jesus’ feet,
That He would make me now
For sacrifice and service meet,
And help me keep my vow. [Refrain]

Since Thou hast bought me with Thy blood,
I must be wholly Thine;
Keep me beneath the cleansing flood,
Be Thou my life divine. [Refrain]