My Savior Stands Waiting And Knocks At T

My Savior stands waiting,
And knocks at the door;
Has knocked, and is knocking again;
I hear His kind voice,
I’ll reject Him no more,
Nor let Him stand pleading in vain.
In infinite mercy He came from above,
To ransom, to cleanse me from sin,
I’ll yield to the voice of His merciful love,
And let my dear Savior come in.

Savior, come in, cleanse me from sin;
Jesus, my Savior, come in, come in!
Enter the door, waiting no more,
Savior, dear Savior, come in.

O Savior, my ransom, Redeemer and friend,
The Life, and the Truth, and the Way,
On Thy precious merit alone I depend;
Dwell in me and keep me, I pray.
Thy goodness hath opened the door of my heart-
‘Tis open in welcome to Thee;
Come in, blessed Savior, and never depart
Come in, with Thy mercy, to me. [Refrain]