My Savior Tis Of Thee

My Savior, ’tis of Thee,
Dear Lamb of Calvary,
Of Thee I sing;
To Him who thus did die
To save and sanctify,
And take with Him on high,
Let praises ring.

My precious Savior, Thee,
Clothed with all majesty,
Help us Thy name to praise,
As songs of joy we raise,
In loyal, loving lays,
And Thee adore.

Let sacred songs arise,
Filling both earth and skies,
Singing Thy praise;
Let angels join the choir,
Sweep every heav’nly lyre,
With lips and hearts of fire,
Echo Thy praise.

Soon Thou wilt come again,
And on the earth shall reign,
O’er land and sea;
Come, blessed Prince of Light,
Come in Thy glory bright;
Claim Thou Thy royal right;
We welcome Thee.