My Savior Walks Beside Me Along Lifes

My Savior walks beside me,
Along life’s rugged way,
On mountain top, in valley deep,
He leadeth me each day.
Tho’ I am sorely tempted,
By sorrow’s weight pressed low,
I need but stretch my groping hand,
My Savior’s love to know.

Oh yes, He walks with me,
His grace is full and free;
He bears my burdens, soothes my woes,
I know He walks with me.

My Savior walks beside me,
And will unto the end;
He will my shield and portion be,
My never failing friend.
He who, for one sheep straying,
Would brave the fiercest blast,
Will surely be my shepherd true,
And guide me home at last. [Refrain]

My Savior walks beside me,
And would that all might know
The tender love and gracious care
He daily doth bestow.
For all who will believe Him
And seek His pardoning grace,
He’ll drive the clouds of gloom away
And show His smiling face. [Refrain]