My Savior When They Brought Thee

My Saviour, when they brought thee
To Pilate’s judgment hall,
Thy questioner was silenced,
He found “no fault at all.”

No fault, no fault in Jesus!
What peerless glories shine
From life and death so precious,
So holy, so divine.

My Saviour, when in conflict
Upon thy name I call,
In thee, my friend unfailing.
I find “no fault at all.” [Refrain]

My Saviour, dwell within me,
For sins my soul appal;
Transform me to thy likeness,
For thine, “no fault at all.” [Refrain]

My Saviour, let thy beauty
My willing soul enthrall,
Till with new love enkindled,
I cry, “no fault at all.” [Refrain]

And when in adoration
Before thy throne I fall,
And see thee-all enraptured.
I’ll sing, “no fault at all.” [Refrain]