My Saviors Call I Hear

My Saviour’s call I hear,
“Stand forth, that I may bless;
Thy withered hand, thy lack of power,
Thy ever need confess.”

Confessing all my need,
Before Thee now I stand,
And hear Thy Voice ring strong and clear,
“Stretch forth thy withered hand.”

By faith I bring Thee now,
My lack of power and skill,
My withered hopes, my fruitless work,
My weak and wayward will.

Thy cleansing Blood now flows
O’er all the dreary past,
Abundantly Thy life is mine,
Eternally to last.

Engrafted in the Vine,
Abiding, Lord, in Thee,
Thy power, Thy strength, Thy fruitfulness,
I now believe to see.