My Saviors Voice Is Sweet To Me

My Saviour’s voice is sweet to me,
I love to hear it more and more;
He speaketh, low and tenderly,
Sweet words of comfort o’er and o’er.

He speaks, and list’ning to His voice,
Sweet peace doth all my spirit fill;
And in His goodness I rejoice,
When He doth whisper “Peace, be still.”

To Him whene’er I, grieving, go,
And tell the troubles of the day,
He speaks in accents soft and low,
And all my tears are wiped away. [Refrain]

When at the throne in prayer I kneel,
And seek to find from sin release,
What joy unspeakable I feel
When Jesus whispers “Go in peace.” [Refrain]

New pow’r and life His words impart,
And cleanse from ev’ry stain of sin;
They fill with light the darkened heart
That lets the Holy Spirit in. [Refrain]

Oh, listen to that Voice divine,
And yield to His persuasive love;
So shall His peace and joy be thine,
And countless blessings from above. [Refrain]