My Shepherd Is The Living Lord Now Shall

My shepherd is the living Lord:
now shall my needs be well supplied;
his loving care and holy word
will be my safety and my guide.

In pastures where salvation grows
he makes me feed, he gives me rest;
there living water gently flows,
and food is given, divinely blest.

Though I walk through the gloomy vale
where death and all its terrors are,
my heart and hope shall never fail:
my shepherd holds me in his care.

Amid the darkness and the deeps,
God is my comfort, God my stay;
his staff supports my feeble steps,
his rod directs my doubtfilled way.

Surely the mercies of the Lord
attend his household all their days;
there will I dwell, to hear his word,
to seek his face, to sing his praise.