My Ship Is Coming In At Last

My ship is coming in at last,
My ship that sailed afar,
With spreading sail and favoring gale
She’s sailing o’er the bar.

She’s coming in, coming in,
Over the harbor bar!
She’s coming in, she’s coming in,
My ship that sailed afar.

With ice bound hull and storm rent sail,
All battered by the sea,
With windswept deck, almost a wreck,
She’s coming back to me. [Refrain]

And when she’s anchored safe in port,
With all her sails unbent,
And ended the long uncertainty,
Then I shall be content. [Refrain]

Oh, sweet content! Oh, vision fair!
Rest from the lifelong strife;
The peace of God, the Lord’s Well done,
The joy of endless life. [Refrain]