My Sin Is Great My Strength Is Weak

My sin is great, my strength is weak,
My path beset with snares;
But Thou, O Christ, hast died for me,
And Thou wilt hear my prayers.

To Thee, to Thee, the Crucified,
The sinner’s only plea,
Relying on Thy promised grace,
My faith still clings to Thee.

The world is dark without Thee, Lord,
I turn me from its strife
To find Thy love a sweet relief;
Thou art the light of life. [Refrain]

Temptations lure and fears assail
My frail, inconstant heart;
But precious are Thy promises,
And they new strength impart. [Refrain]

Unfold Thy precepts to my mind,
And cleanse my blinded eyes;
Grant me to work for Thee on earth,
Then praise Thee in the skies. [Refrain]