My Sins Were A Burden Too Heavy To Bear

My sins were a burden too heavy to bear,
I took them to Jesus in penitent pray’r;
I asked Him to save me, tho’ lost and defiled,
To pardon me freely and make me His child.

Glory to God! My Jesus saves me,
Wonderful love, boundless and free;
This happy song life’s music shall be,
Glory to God! My Jesus saves me.

When doubts and temptations I meet by the way,
I turn to my Saviour for grace, day by day;
A help “very present,” I find Him to be,
And so I am singing that Jesus saves me. [Refrain]

Tho’ clouds dark and stormy around me may close,
Tho’ foes, seen and unseen my progress oppose,
I’ll trust in His promise, I’ll lean on His might,
And know that He saves me, by day and by night. [Refrain]

His blood is sufficient to cleanse ev’ry stain,
His name, all availing, new blessings to gain,
The pow’r of His spirit deliv’rance shall bring,
Until in His presence, salvation I sing. [Refrain]