My Son Give Me Thine Heart And Let

“My Son, give me thine heart, and let
Thine eyes observe my ways!”
Our hearts are Thine, we own the debt–
Happy the child that pays!

But Lord! we cannot give, unless
Thou take what is Thine own;
Come, then, our conquer’d hearts possess,
In each erect Thy throne.

There wield Thy sceptre, Prince of Peace,
With kind and gentle sway,
And may Thy kingdom still increase,
While Satan’s falls away.

Where sin abounded, there let grace
Abound yet more and more,
Till life and freedom take the place
Of bonds and death before.

Thy word our law, Thy will our choice,
Thy fear all fear expel;
Thy joy our strength, let us rejoice
With joy unspeakable.

And O! to make us wholly thine,
Thy perfect love impart;
Thus warm, illumine, raise, refine,
And hallow every heart.

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