My Son Give Unto Me Thy Heart

My son give unto me thy heart!
Delight thou in my ways:
I will receive thee as thou art,
And fit thee for my praise.

Dear Lord, I give my heart to thee,
To thee I will resign;
Create a holy heart in me,
And let it be like thine.

Dear Father, let me be thine own;
And make me wise to know
The duties of a faithful son,
Who seeks thy will to do.

Subdue in me my base desires,
Since they disturb my peace,
And as they blessed will requires,
Seek for true holiness.

To whom but thee should I submit
With all my heart and mind;
When truly humbled at thy feet
The greatest rest I find.

To none but thee my gracious Lord
I trust myself to give;
But I will yield unto thy word,
By which my soul can live.