My Song Shall Be Of Jesus The Friend To

My song shall be of Jesus,
The Friend to sinners dear,
In ev’ry time of trouble,
A blessed Helper near;
He saves me in temptation,
He pardons all my sin
And makes this earth a heaven
To go to heaven in.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus the first and last,
Trust to Him thy future,
Leave with Him the past;
Blessed Rock of Ages;
Here thy anchor cast,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus the first and last.

My Pilot and Deliv’rer,
Upon life’s stormy sea,
My refuge from the tempest,
Forevermore is He;
Above the billows dashing,
Which seem to threaten ill,
I hear His voice so cheering,
His blessed “peace be still.” [Refrain]

The Alpha and Omega,
Beginning and the end,
The One on whom forever,
My hopes of heav’n depend;
My all to Him committed,
Life’s storms I shall outride,
Until in yonder haven
My bark shall safely glide. [Refrain]