My Songs Arise In Fervent Adoration

My songs arise in fervent adoration,
A paean to the gracious King of Kings;
For he has saved me with a great salvation,
And keeps me safe beneath his shelt’ring wing.

He saves me with an uttermost salvation;
He makes my heart his spirit’s dwelling place;
Thro’ life I’ll praise him with glad adoration,
And after death I’ll praise him face to face.

When wand’ring far from him, he sought and found me,
A sheep, astray on mountains bleak and cold;
He put his arms of tenderness around me,
Call’d me his child, and wooed me to his fold. [Chorus]

He bore me in his arms of loving kindness,
Soothed all my sorrows, strengthened me when weak;
He touch’d my eyes that long were seal’d in blindness,
Then loosed my stam’ring tongue and bade me speak. [Chorus]