My Soul Crieth Out For The Spirit

My soul crieth out for the Spirit,
I’m hung’ring and thirsting to know
The fulness of blessing He giveth;
Now fill me while humble I bow.

Come in, come in! Holy Spirit,
Thy work of great blessing begin;
By faith I lay hold of Thy promise,
And claim complete vict’ry o’er sin.

O Spirit of God and of Jesus,
Blest Trinity, come and possess
My body, my soul, and my spirit,
And fill me with Thy holiness. [Refrain]

My body make meet for Thy temple;
My heart make Thou whiter than snow;
My spirit make loving and gentle-
Oh, fill me while humble I bow! [Refrain]

Oh, ye that are thirsting for fulness,
Make room by forsaking all sin;
Surrender to Him your whole nature,
By faith let the Spirit come in. [Refrain]