Not Only Hearers Of The Word

Not only hearers of the word
Can e’er be pleasing to the Lord!
But such who seek and strive to do:
All things as well as they do know.

How greatly doth that man deceive:
Himself who may suppose or b’lieve–
To be an heir of saving grace
Whilst Christian duties he delays.

Just like a simple man that would,
His visage in a glass behold!
But soon his visage is for got,
As tho’ he had beheld it not.

Sure, such religion all is vain,
Whilst man to sin, a slave remain–
That soul in grace can ne’er succeed
That will not serve the Lord indeed.

But bless’d and happy is the man,
Who searches well the Gospel plan?
That perfect law of liberty
That sets the soul from vices free.