Not To Us Not To Us O Lord

Not to us, not to us, O Lord,
But glory to thy name afford;
Both for thy truth and mercies sake.
The heathen, wherefore should they say,
Where is their God now gone away?
But heav’ns our God his seat doth make,
He hath done whatsoe’er he would.

Their idols silver are and gold,
The handy-work of men they were.
They mouths have, speechless yet they be.
Eyes have they, but they do not fee.

They noses have, but smell no jot.
Hands have they, but they handle not;
Feet have they, but they cannot go:
And thro’ their throat they never speak.
Like them are they that do them make:
And all that trust in them are so.

Trust in the Lord, O Israel:
He is their help, their shield as well.
Oh Aaron’s house, the Lord trust ye,
He is their help, their shield also.
Who fear the Lord, him trust unto:
Their help, their shield also is he.

The Lord hath mindful been of us;
He’ll bless us, he’ll bless Isra’ls house,
He’ll blessing Aaron’s house afford,
Who fear Jehovah great and small
He’ll bless, The Lord increase you shall.
You and your sons. Blest of the Lord
Who heav’n and earth made. Heav’ns heav’ns be

The Lord’s: but th’ earth men’s sons gave he,
The dead no praise to Jah afford,
Nor any that to silence bow.
But we will bless the Lord both now
And ever henceforth praise the Lord.