Not Unto Us Lord Not To Us But Glory

Not unto us, Lord; not to us,
But glory to thy name
We render; for thy matchless grace,
And truth, this homage claim.
Why should the heathen scornful say,
“Where is their God now gone?”
Our God, in heaven, sits enthroned.
And what he pleased hath done.

Their idols silver are, and gold;
By human hands designed.
They’re formed with shapes of mouth and eyes;
But speechless are, and blind.
Their ears, and nose, hear not, nor smell:
Nor feel they with their hands.
Though they have feet, they cannot walk;
Nor speech their throat commands.

Those men that make such idol gods,
And trusting to them pray;
Like them are blind, and senseless grown.
And stupid too as they.

Second Part

O Israel, trust thou in the Lord;
He is their help, and shield.
O Aaron’s house, in God confide;
Who only help can yield.
All ye, who do Jehovah fear.
Upon the Lord depend;
‘Tis he, that will your keeper be,
And as a shield defend.

The Lord hath former kindness shown,
And still will do no less;
He Israels tribes, and Aaron’s house,
Assuredly will bless.
To all that fear him, small, and great,
He’ll manifest his grace.
The Lord will more and more increase
You, and your happy race.

Ye are the blessed of the Lord;
Who heaven, and earth, hath made.
The Lord doth heaven of heavens possess,
But the earth to men conveyed.
The dead, and who to silence go,
No [raise to God afford.
But we will bless the Lord, both now,
And ever. Praise the Lord.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,