Now As We Part And Heart To Heart

Now as we part, and heart to heart,
Our kind goodbyes repeat,
Dear Father bless with tenderness,
Each one, until we meet!

Until we meet again,
Be with us, Lord, we pray;
The Lord keep watch ‘tween thee and me,
And guard us day by day!

Lord, keep us true in all we do,
Wherever we may be,
And through the week, oh, may we seek,
To please and honor Thee! [Refrain]

Be ours the cross, the gain or loss,
The triumph or defeat,
Oh grant us grace, each in our place,
Until again we meet! [Refrain]

To do Thy will through good or ill,
No matter how, nor when
This be our aim in Jesus’ name,
Until we meet again! [Refrain]