Now Childrens Day Is Over

Now Children’s Day is over,
The night is drawing high;
The moments spent in pleasure
Are passing, passing swiftly by,
New duties are before us,
New pleasures shall be ours;
The joys of earth must pass away
As fades the summer flowers.

Good-by, good-by, good-by until we meet again:
By and by we’ll meet no more to sever,
Good-by, good-by, good-by until we meet again-
Trusting in the Saviour now and ever.

A bright and glorious morning
Shall fill the Eastern sky,
For Jesus and his angels
Are coming, coming by and by;
Then parting shall be over
And hush’d the mournful sigh,
When we shall meet with him at last
No more to say “Good-by.” [Refrain]