Now Doth The Truth Appear

Now doth the Truth appear,
Our dear prophetic Lord,
Of what thou didst declare
In thine unerring Word;
The awful Signs, by thee foretold,
Of thine Approach, we now behold.

Nations are in Distress,
Striving, by Force and Fraud,
Each other to oppress;
Yet their own Ways applaud:
In divers Places Earthquakes are,
Mens Hearts are failing them for Fear.

The Gods of Earth, their Jars
Occasions fierce Debate;
Contests and bloody Wars
Proclaim their mut’al Hate;
Whilst mutt’ring Rumour now declares,
How all the World for War prepares.

Redeemer, thou wilt come,
(Those Signs point out thy Way)
To bring thy Children Home,
We wait the glor’ous Day:
‘Till then we calmly rest in thee,
From Dread of each ill-boding free.

We praise thee, dearest Lord;
Now will we hopeless grieve;
Instructed by thy Word,
Rejoicing we believe,
That all Things work, thro’ Jesu’s Blood,
Now, and for-ever for our Good.

Our dearest Bridegroom lives!
And all our Need supplies;
Himself our Food he gives,
Eat, my Belov’d, he cries:
His Love is our divine Repast!
O! how then can his children fast.

If thou art tak’n away,
Lo! then thy Children fast:
But if thou with us stay,
We’ve a contin’al Feast:
All other Food our Souls despise,
But thee, our Lamb and Sacrifice.

We’ll fast from all but thee;
Thy Flesh is Meat indeed;
To drink thy Blood we’re free:
On this alone we feed!
Pleas’d with this Food, most holy Lamb,
We eat and drink, and bless thy Name.