Now Forward With Courage On To Victory

Now forward with courage, on to victory,
Jesus is our captain, he our guide will be;
Onward to the conflict, sword and shield in hand,
Bravely for the truth to stand.

Now forward, now forward,
Be courageous and strong;
Now forward, now forward,
Till we shout the victor’s song.

Now forward to battle, tho’ we be but few,
God is always with us, he will lead us thro’;
Never be discouraged, we are in the right,
Onward then with all your might. [Refrain]

Now onward and upward, shouting all the way,
Christ is in the vanguard, he will be our stay;
On with shield and buckler, faces to the foe,
Onward then to vict’ry go. [Refrain]