Now Hush Your Cries And Shed No Tear

Now hush your cries and shed no tear,
On such death none should look with fear;
A faithful Christian now has won,
And with this death true life’s begun.

These bones, now dead, again shall fell
New warmth and vigour through them steal;
And reunited they shall soar
On high to live forevermore.

The buried grain of wheat must die,
And long in withered state must lie,
Yet springs to light all sweet and fair,
Its proper fruit at last to bear.

E’en so this body, made of dust,
To earth we once again entrust,
Where it shall slumber free from pain
Till from the dead it rise again.

God breathed into this house of clay
The spirit that hath passed away;
The righteous mind, the noble heart,
The living faith did Christ impart.

Ah! would that promised day were here
When Christ will once again appear
And bring them to their heav’nly home
Who have been buried in the tomb.