Now I Awake To Praise My Lord

Now I awake to praise my Lord,
Who kept me safe this night:
Who brought me by his angel’s guard,
To see the morning light.

And now I leave my bed of rest,
And to my Maker pray:
I pray, that he may make me bless’d,
In all I do this day.

O! may I truly thankful be,
To God, the God of love:
For daily he bestows on me,
His blessings from above.

Teach me O Lord to do thy will,
Thy just commands obey,
Not do, nor speak, nor wish no ill,
Therein to go astray.

O! heav’nly Father, I am thine,
Bought with the Saviour’s blood,
My heart and will to thee incline,
To thee, my gracious God.

Lord, be thou with me all this day,
Teach me to do thy will;
Grant me thy grace, that so I may
Thy just commands fulfil.

Now I commit myself to thee,
To thee, my God, I pray;
Defend, direct, and govern me,
And ever with me stay.