Now I Feel The Sacred Fire

NOW I feel the sacred fire,
Kindling, flaming, glowing,
Higher still, and rising higher,
All my soul o’erflowing.
Life immortal I receive,
O the wondrous story!
I was dead, but now I live,
Glory, glory, glory!

Now I am from bondage freed,
Every bond is riven,
Jesus makes me free indeed,
Just as free as Heaven.
‘Tis a glorious liberty,
O the wondrous story!
I was bound, but now I’m free,
Glory, glory, glory!

Let the glorious message roll,
Roll through every nation,
Witnessing from soul to soul
This immense salvation.
Now I know ’tis full and free,
O the wondrous story!
For I feel ’tis saving me,
Glory, glory, glory!