Now I Have Found The Sure Foundation

NOW I have found the sure foundation,
Where evermore my anchor grounds!
It lay there ere the world’s creation,
Where else, but in my Savior’s wounds?
Foundation, which unmoved shall stay,
When earth and heaven pass away.

It is that mercy never ending,
Which all conception far transcends,
Of Him, who, with love’s arms extending,
To wretched sinners condescends;
Whose heart with pity still doth break,
Whether we seek Him, or forsake.

Our ruin God has not intended,
Salvation He would fain bestow;
For this the Son to earth descended,
And then to heaven again did go;
For this so loudly evermore
He knocketh at our heart’s closed door.

O depth of love, in which, past finding,
My sins through Christ’s blood disappear;
This is for wounds the safest binding,
There is no condemnation here;
For Jesus’ blood through earth and skies
Forever Mercy! Mercy! cries.

I never will forget this crying,
In faith I’ll trust it all my days,
And, when o’er all my sins I’m sighing,
I towards my Father’s heart will gaze;
For there is always to be found
Free mercy without end and bound.

Though I be robbed of every pleasure
That soul and body can make glad,
Bereft of every earthly treasure,
Forlorn, forsaken, lone and sad:
However far His help may be,
Her mercy yet is left to me.

Though earthly cares and want oppress me,
And cause me sorrow and regret
That things so vain can still distress me,
And give me so much trouble yet:
Still in His mercy I will trust.
Though I am bowed down to the dust,

Though in the best of all my actions,
In works that are admired the most,
I must perceive great imperfections,
I surely have no right to boast;
Yet this sweet comfort doth abide:
In mercy only I confide.

Be it with me as He is willing,
Whose mercy is a boundless sea;
May He Himself my heart be stilling
That this may ne’er forgotten be;
Then it will rest, in joy and woe,
On mercy, while it beats below.

On this foundation I unshrinking
Will stand, while I on earth remain;
This shall engage my acting, thinking,
While I the breath of life retain;
Then I will sing eternally,
Unfathomed Mercy, still of Thee.