Now Let Our Faith With Joy Survey

Now let our faith with joy survey
The glories of the latter day;
Its dawn already seems begun,
Sure earnest of the rising sun.

The friends of truth assembled stand,
A chosen, consecrated band,
The emblem of the cross display,
And cry aloud, “Behold the way!”

Behold the way to Zion’s hill,
Where Israel’s God delights to dwell;
He fixes there His lofty throne,
And calls the sacred place His own.

“Behold the way!” ye heralds! cry;
Spare not, but lift your voices high;
Convey the sound from shore to shore,
And bid the captive sigh no more.

Auspicious dawn! thy rising ray
With joy we view, and hail the day;
Thou Sun! arise, supremely bright,
And fill the world with purest light.