Now Let Our Hearts Conspire To Raise

Now let our hearts conspire to raise
A cheerful anthem to thy praise:
Let music, sweet as incense, rise
With grateful odours to the skies.

Teach us to bow before thy face,
Nor let our hearts forget thy grace;
When lost in ignorance we lay,
Thy goodness snatch’d our souls away.

O what a num’rous race we see,
In ignorance and misery!
Shall they continue still to lie
In ignorance and misery!

Give, Lord, each liberal soul to prove
The joys of thine exhaustless love;
May we the sacred scriptures know,
And like the blessed Jesus grow.

We feel a sympathizing heart;
Lord, ’tis a pleasure to impart;
Hear thou our cry, and pitying see,
O let these children live to thee.