Now Let Us Sing The Angels Song

Now let us sing the Angels’ song,
That rang so sweet and clear,
When heav’nly light and music fell
On earthly eye and ear;
To Him we sing, our Savior King,
Who left His throne and crown,
And with redeeming grace and pow’r,
In love to earth came down.

Sing, sing the joyful chorus!
Hark, hear the echo o’er us,
From millions gone before us,
Praise, oh, praise the Lord!

He came to tell the Father’s love,
His goodness, truth and grace;
To show the brightness of His smile,
The glory of His face;
He came to bring the weary ones
True peace and perfect rest;
To take away the guilt and sin
That darkened and distressed. [Refrain]

He came that great and small might hear
His call, and in Him live,-
That to the burd’ned and oppressed
Salvation He might give;
He came to bring a glorious gift,
“Good will to men”-and why?
Because He loved us, Jesus came,
For us to live and die. [Refrain]