Now Lift The Carol Men And Maids

Now lift the carol, men and maids,
Now wake exultant singing;
This day the Well of Life first sprang,
Who shall declare His springing?
It is the Birthday of our Peace;
This day for man the weary,
The Everlasting Son of God
Was born of blessed Mary.

Noel! Noel!
Proclaim the Saviour’s Birth;
He raises us to Heaven,
O hail His coming down to earth.

He was not born in such sweet days,
As we of yore remember;
‘Twas not the sunny summer time,
Oh! ’twas the cold December:
As shines the sun above the snows
When nature’s life is lying
Fast bound in winter’s icy chain,
So came He to the dying. [Chorus]

There were poor shepherds in the field,
Their flocks at midnight tending;
Then Heaven came down and brought the news,
A rapture never ending:
So they went swift to Bethlehem,
And saw–and told the story
Of Christ the Lord, a little Child,
And Angels singing “Glory.” [Chorus]

Not in the manger lies He now;
Far o’er the sapphire portal
At God’s right Hand of power He sits
Who was this day made mortal:
All in the highest, holiest place,
Where there may dwell none other,
There our own Manhood sits enthroned,
There is our Elder Brother. [Chorus]

The Birthday of our God and King–
Lo! we are called to greet Him;
The Everlasting Bridegroom comes,
Oh, go ye out to meet Him.
This is the end of all below,
The crown of Love’s best story;
Christ stands and knocks–oh, happy souls,
Receive the King of Glory. [Chorus]