Now Lord Another Of Thy Days

Now Lord, another of thy days
I have on earth enjoy’d,
But ah, how little to thy praise,
My heart has been employ’!

Tho’ I have heard thy holy word,
And in thy worship join’d,
Alas, how little of it, Lord,
Remains upon my mind!

Wast thou to call me to account,
What I have gain’d this day;
How low the product would amount,
I tremble, Lord to say!

Much like the barren heath am I,
Tho’ oft refresh’d with rain,
Still it continues hard and dry,
And fruitless doth remain.

For Jesus’ sake my fruitlessness,
Remember, Lord no more;
And whilst my guilt I here confess,
Purge out my heinous score.

And e’en my soul shall be undrest,
To take its last remove;
O fit me for tht glorious rest
Thou hast prepar’d above.