Now Lord Though We Must Part Awhile

Now Lord, though we must part awhile,
Upon the heavenly road;
Yet let thy face upon us smile,
And keep us near our God.

And if on earth again we meet,
Lord let us meet with thee;
And let thy gracious presence sweet
From bondage set us free.

This only this we humbly crave,
While earth is our abode;
That we with Christ and saints may have,
Communion on the road.

For since our fellowship below,
Affords such joy and love;
We long its full extent to know,
When we shall meet above.

Let this, O Lord excite us on,
To keep the narrow way,
Till we shall meet around thy throne,
With all the heirs of day.

Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire!
Maintain this flame of love,
Till we shall join that glorious choir,
Of worshipers above.

The Christian’s duty, exhibited in a series of hymns,