Now Once Again For Help That Never Faile

Now once again for help that never faileth,
We bring our grievous burden unto thee;
Pour down thy strength, for nothing else availeth,
Bless thou the bowing head, the bending knee,

That we may rise and go forth from thine altar,
To bear the load we could not bear before,
With mind serene, with step that does not falter,
Knowing thy hand will open every door; A-men.

Knowing there will not be so dark a valley
But those who watch may find thy guiding ray,
Knowing there will not be so blind an alley
But it will open on thy broad highway.

O Light that led the saints through all the ages,
O Hope that lifted up the martyr’s head,
O Comforter of children and of sages,
Lead on lead on, as thou hast always led!