Now We Hail The Happy Dawning

Now we hail the happy dawning
Of the Gospel’s glorious light,
May it take the wings of morning,
And dispel the shades of night;
Blessed Saviour,
Let our eyes behold the sight.

Where, amid the desert dreary,
Plant, nor shrub, nor flowret grows,
There refresh the wand’rer weary,
With the sight of Sharon’s Rose,
And its beauties
To the longing eye disclose.

Where the beasts of prey are prowling,
And the murd’rous serpents hiss,
There exchange the dismal howling
For the pleasing calm of peace;
And for ever
May destruction’s empire cease.

Oh, let all the world adore thee–
Universal be thy fame;
Kings and subjects fall before thee,
And extol thy matchless name;
All ascribing
Endless praises to the Lamb.