Nows The Time For Sowing Seed

Now’s the time for sowing
Seed that will be growing
Thro’ the days of life that shall be numbered one by one;
In the early morning,
While the dew, adorning
Field and meadow, tree and flower, sparkles in the sun.

Scatter seed along your way,
Scatter seed along your way,
God will send the sunshine and the rain, and they shall grow;
Precious seed for harvest-day,
Evermore rememb’ring we shall reap as we sow.

In the paths and highways,
In the fields and byways,
Even as you travel o’er the desert’s burning plain,
Sow in sweet assurance
That for long endurance
God will give the increase, and your work shall not be vain. [Refrain]

Let us, then, be careful,
Earnest, wise and prayerful,
Sowing only that which neither withers nor decays;-
Seeds of love and duty
That shall grow in beauty,
And shall yield abundance in the coming harvest days. [Refrain]