O Father And Creator Thou God Of Perfect

O Father and Creator,
Thou God of perfect love,
Come now in all thy fulness,
Descending from above.
Thou gav’st thy Son to save me,
To die that I might live;
I humbly kneel before thee,
My all to thee I give.

O Christ, my soul’s redeemer,
Who gave thine all for me,
Thy blood was freely given
That I might be set free.
Lord, teach me how to give thee
My body, mind and will;
Then come with grace and beauty
My emptied heart to fill.

O blessed Holy Spirit,
Revealer of the right,
I pray thee dwell within me,
Make of my weakness might.
Within thy light, now streaming,
The living way is shown;
Abide, O gentle Spirit,
Till all thy truth I own.