O Father Mine Whose Mercies Never Cease

O Father mine, whose mercies never cease,
Whose bounties toward Thy children e’er increase,
Create in me a heart whose tender love
Reflects Thine own, Thou gracious God above.

As Thou for Jesus’ sake forgavest me,
So fill my heart with tender love for Thee,
That I condemn not others, but forgive,
And live as Thou, O God, wouldst have me live.

Let me not judge; O Father, keep my tongue
From evil; let no heart, with sadness wrung,
E’er seek in vain for mercy’s healing balm,
But grant me grace through Thee its fears to calm.

As Thou dost every perfect gift bestow,
So let me live, that other hearts may know
Thy never-ceasing bounties, and confess
Thy grace, O Lord, in love and thankfulness.