O Father Of Love Unto Thee I Belong

O Father of love, unto Thee I belong,
Thy love and Thy labor to share;
Whate’er Thou commandest, my soul shall be strong,
Courageous to do and to dare.

I’m ready, O Father, to be or to bear,
I’m ready to go or to stay;
Wherever my duty,
Thyself will be there,
And there I will sweetly obey.

I see not the future, so plain unto Thee,
But safely in Thee will I trust;
Thou “knowest my frame,” and Thou comfortest me,
Remembering “I am but dust.” [Refrain]

No service I render, dear Father, for Thee,
Shall ever seem hard, by Thy side;
The burdens too heavy Thou takest from me,
And I in Thy peace shall abide. [Refrain]

I shall not be lonely, or weary, or sad,
For Thou art my tenderest friend;
To shelter and guide me and make my heart glad,
Until my life journey shall end. [Refrain]