O Fear Not The Future

O, fear not the future! ‘Tis hidden in love,
But known to Thy Savior who reigneth above;
The path for thy steps He Himself doth prepare,
And the light of His presence shall go with thee there.

O, fear not the future! Thy crown waiteth there!
The glories before thee no tongue can declare;
Go forward with Jesus; He knoweth the way
To mansions prepared for the children of day.

O, fear not the future! Thou art not alone;
He who died for His sheep ne’er forsaketh His own;
E’en thro’ the dark valley no ill can betide,
For Jehovah will be thy companion and guide. [Refrain]

O, fear not the future! What hast thou to fear?
Thy foes are all vanquished, thy captain is near;
His grace is sufficient; His promises sure;
And the arms underneath thee for aye shall endure. [Refrain]

O, fear not the future! The trials that come
Are sent to prepare thee for service and home;
Rich gains are thy losses, swift wings are thy sighs,
And thy tears shall bring visions of joy to thine eyes. [Refrain]