O Fly To The Ark Poor Soul

O fly to the Ark, poor soul,
No refuge on earth so near;
The billows without may roll,
But God will protect thee here.

Then fly, fly to the Ark of Rest,
There, there shall thy soul be blest;
O haste, or the open door
May close ere the day is o’er.

O fly to the Ark of Grace,
For how canst thou brave the storm
That cometh so wild apace?
‘Twill cover thy helpless form. [Refrain]

O fly to the Ark of Love,
The world has no home for thee;
O come like the weary dove,
And sweet shall thy welcome be. [Refrain]

Come into the Ark, come in,
And Jesus, the Lord, will give
A pardon for all thy sin-
Come into the Ark and live. [Refrain]