O Follow In His Footsteps

O follow in His footsteps,
Along life’s weary way,
He trod the path before thee,
The blessed Son of God;
He knows when life looks dreary,
He hears thy ev’ry sigh;
O follow in His footsteps,
And meet Him by and by.

Follow where He leadeth,
Tho’ dark the way appear;
Glory lies before thee,
It may be very near.

O follow in His footsteps,
When bright the way and glad,
He looketh down from glory,
Make not thy Savior sad;
Do nothing that would grieve Him,
That Friend above all friends,
Give joy no pow’r to tempt thee,
If evil with it blends. [Refrain]

O follow in His footsteps,
In sickness or in health,
Cling closely to thy Savior,
In poverty or wealth,
No good thing He withholdeth,
No harm shall come to thee;
In foll’wing in His footsteps,
Thy life shall guarded be. [Refrain]