O For An Hymn Of Universal Praise

O for an hymn of universal praise!
Its Maker’s fame let ev’ry creature raise;
Ye glorious angels tune the raptur’d lay
Thro’ the fair mansions of eternal day;
His praise let all your shining ranks proclaim,
And teach the distant worlds your Maker’s name.

His glorious power, O radiant sun, display
Far as thy cheering beams diffuse the day;
Ye moon and stars, array’d in softer light,
Recount his wonders to the list’ning night;
His power, ye fair expanded skies, proclaim,
Whose word produc’d the vast stupendous frame.

Let earth adore the universal Lord;
Through ev’ry land be his great name ador’d;
while loud his praises foaming billows roar,
And seas resound his name from shore to shore;
Ye tow’ring mountains sound his praise on high,
In joyful notes ye verdant vales reply.

Ye monarchs of the earth, your Lord adore,
To whom ye owe your delegated power;
Ye judges, his impartial law revere;
Be ev’ry sentence guided by his fear;
Let senate, prince, and people join to raise
The grateful tribute of obedient praise.