O For The Mind Of The Master

O, for the mind of the Master!
Knowing God’s peace and His care,
Seeing His love and His justice,
In ev’ry burden we bear.
Feeling his hand stretch’d in mercy
Over our life’s toilsome way,
Putting our trust in His goodness,
Loving Him better each day.

Seeking to know His good pleasure,
Fully and freely to give
Our grateful lives to His service
More like our Master to live.
Showing His mercy and kindness
Unto sad hearts by the way,
Doing the tasks that He bids us,
Striving His will to obey.

O, for the mind of the Master!
Tender, compassionate, mild,
Merciful, loving, forgiving,
Knowing each sinner God’s child.
Showing His love and forgiveness,
Unto the lost of mankind,
Our lives to mirror His kindness,
Actions to show forth His mind.