O Fount Of Truth And Mercy

O Fount of truth and mercy,
Thy promise cannot fail;
What Thou hast said must ever
In heaven and earth prevail;
“Call upon Me in trouble,
And I will help afford.”
Yea, to my latest moment,
I’ll call upon Thee, Lord.

What comfort in affliction
To rest upon Thy grace,
And in Thy wise direction
My fainting heart to place!
When Thou, O Lord, didst teach me
In Thine own Name to pray,
Unto my hope Thou gavest
A refuge and a stay.

The yearnings of my bosom
Thou hearest, Lord, I know;
What to my weal pertaineth
I know Thou wilt bestow.
In times of deepest anguish
Thy helping hand is near,
And on Thy loving bosom
My sorrows Thou wilt bear.

And to this blest assurance
I’ll cling for evermore;
And never shall I weary
A Father to implore.
Depart, despair and anguish
That oft my soul oppress;
I’ll cling unto my Saviour
Till He my soul shall bless.